Springbore Ltd has been commissioned to install filtration systems on many agricultural sites including dairy farms across the north of England. With water consumption being high on dairy farms a borehole is often a preferred water source over mains. Borehole systems are proven to give a reliable yield of water for consumption by cattle, parlour wash down and plate coolers. This will save the farm thousands of pounds per year in mains water costs. In most cases the drilling of a borehole and installing the required filtration to bring the water to a suitable standard will ‘pay for itself’ after 1-2 years, larger dairy’s in a matter of months.

Springbore can conduct the new borehole drilling works or use an existing borehole* to correctly specify the filtration for a reliable supply of water for the cattle and farm equipment. A full laboratory analysis should be carried out to ascertain what contaminants are present in the raw borehole water. Springbore can sample and arrange for an accredited laboratory analysis. Following the analysis results and testing the performance of the borehole pump a system can be designed based on typical water consumption and peak demand.

Springbore Ltd can also take over the servicing/maintenance of existing systems or quote for upgrades to existing filtration.

*depending on the existing borehole water quality, yield and pump performance (flow/pressure)