Springbore receive many calls every week from new clients with private water supplies who want to change to a new service provider. There have been various reasons such as unhappy with the standard of service, inflated costs, lack of knowledge, inaccurate or lack of water testing, contact or attendance problems.

Over years of experience we have got to know how different companies approach water treatment (correctly or not), and the equipment that they provide including filtration method, media type, system setup etc.

Below is a list of companies (not exhaustive) with which we are very familiar.
• Harding Environmental Ltd
• Marshall Pumps / Cleanstream
• Waterline
• Prosep Filters
• Dales Water
• M & D Drilling
• Springhill Water
• Shakesby

Springbore can often provide quotes for servicing from photos provided of the equipment. We stock a wide range of consumables including UV lamps, cartridge filters and filter media. We also install several new systems or system upgrades every month. We can carry out site surveys to properly understand you requirements and if deemed necessary have a laboratory water analysis conducted.

Springbore will provide an excellent service at a very competitive price.

Please contact us for further information.


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